The Agent program is the definitive answer to Active Shooter/Sniper events at any venue. Politicians, Millionaires, Entertaieners, and CEOs, have high level security details. Why don't venues with hundreds of people? With the amount of violence in schools, offices and at hotels, there is no excuse not to use the best possible protection agents to safeguard our kids and customers

     Every Silvercorp Agent is a former Special Forces Counterterrorist. They have had hundreds of thousands of hours of training in counterterrorism, hostage rescue, crisis mitigation and trauma medicine. They each have had multiple combat engagements during the course of their their careers. Our Agent don't run from gunfire, they run towards it. Our candidates undergo a rigorous selection process. They are screened for drug use, mental health, shooting proficiency, and physical fitness.

      In our client's venues our Silvercorp Agents utilize proprietary methods to prevent acts of violence. In the event of a crisis our agent will mitigate the scenario with minimal if any collateral damage. In the aftermath of such a terrible event. Silvercorp Agents are all trauma medics.

      Silvercorp Agents are truly the most highly trained and experienced protection agents on the planet.


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