Our professionalism in responding to a wide range of corporate emergencies is broadly and enthusiastically acknowledged.

Development of Contingency Plans:

We are prepared to assist corporations in the formulation of crisis-management plans for kidnappings and other extortions, bomb-control guidelines and procedures for evacuating employees from unstable areas.


Threat Evaluations:

Our operatives travel at a moment's notice to evaluate threats levied by political or labor movements, or disgruntled or dismissed employees, calling upon psychiatric resources when necessary. They also arrange for the protection of the individual or asset at hazard.


Hostage Recoveries:

Our 24-hour availability assures immediate response to a kidnapping, and we are prepared to advise and assist the victim corporation through every aspect of the recovery process. Working under corporate decision-makers, we propose strategies, interface with law-enforcement authorities, handle negotiations, and protect and even deliver ransom funds - always with the objective of assuring the survival of the hostage.



We also are called upon to deal with monetary demands levied in connection with threats to harm an employee, damage a critical corporate resource, including a database or website, or contaminate a consumable product. Again, our reaction is immediate, our experience substantial and our paramount concern the protection of the client corporation's personnel and assets.


Emergency Evacuations:

We are ready to travel on short notice to assist in evacuating employees from areas that have turned hazardous. If necessary, we are prepared to employ unconventional extraction methodologies.


Other Crises:

Companies often find themselves unprepared to cope with those who would play hardball, especially in unfamiliar foreign climes. We help level the playing field.


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